Chiropractic Care is Safe

Everything with a Spine needs Chiropractic Care

Adjustments restore motion and alignments to joints that are not moving right

All treatment is tailored to your specific individual needs

You are always in charge of your care

Every day you encounter physical, chemical, and emotional stresses resulting in improper motion &/or position of the joints interfering with your body’s performance

Life is more enjoyable when you are operating at your peak performance


 Your optimal health is our goal




Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes- A New Zealand government study found that adjustments are “remarkably safe.” By avoiding drugs and risky surgery, chiropractic care enjoys an excellent track record. A thorough exam can identify the rare person for whom chiropractic care might be unsuited. Compare the statistics. Adjustments are even safer than taking over-the-counter pain relievers.  A study by Canada’s Universal Healthcare plan also concluded that chiropractic care is the safest most effective form of healthcare in the world today. 

Who needs Chiropractic Care?

Anyone with a spine should be checked by a Chiropractor, including children. Most spinal lesions are painless unless neglected for long periods of time when the resulting degeneration finally becomes painful. Although Chiropractors are recognized experts in treating common painful conditions, chiropractic care is designed to be preventative, and by nature, is really most beneficial before the pain begins.

What is an adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments usually involve a quick gentile thrust that helps restore motion to spinal joints that are not moving correctly.  Some methods use the doctor’s hands, an instrument, a special table, or the force of gravity. There are many ways to adjust the spine.  Your chiropractor is the only doctor with the training, skills, and knowledge necessary to perform a chiropractic adjustment.    Remember not all chiropractors are the same; make sure you choose Peak Performance Chiropractic for your adjustments.  

Are patients all adjusted the same way?

No- Each patient’s spine and care plan is unique. Each patient’s care is custom tailored for their age, condition, and health goals.  At Peak Performance Chiropractic we don’t tie you down to any long term contracts, you only come in if the care you are receiving is helping you.  We offer the finest chiropractic care available so we don’t have to get you to sign a long expensive contract.  We make our recommendations for your care and you decide, you are always in charge.  We are here to help you with your health care however you see fit. 

Why do newborns get adjustments?

Even today’s “natural” childbirth methods can affect an infant’s spine. Preliminary studies suggested that colic, unusual crying, poor appetite, ear infections, and erratic sleeping habits can be signs of spinal dysfunction causing distress to the infant and interfering with their growth and development. Pediatric adjustments are gentle. Knowing exactly where to adjust, the doctor of chiropractic applies no more pressure than you would to test the ripeness of a tomato.  The adjustment is painless and the positive response is usually immediate.

How do you get "subluxations"?

There are three basic causes of subluxation, Physical, Emotional, and Chemical.  Physical causes include slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, and improper lifting.  Emotions, such as grief, anger, fear, and every day stresses cause subluxations. Chemical causes include alcohol, drugs, pollution, food additives, and/or poor diet.   Every day you encounter physical, chemical, and emotional stresses resulting in improper motion or position of the joints of the spine and extremities irritating the nerves and interfering with your body’s performance.  This leads to ill health, muscle spasms, postural distortion, spinal decay, and disease if left untreated.  This then leads to more subluxations, or segmental dysfunction, and becomes a vicious cycle unless treated by a chiropractor.  Everyone gets subluxations; don’t just learn to live with them.  Learn to really live and enjoy life by getting adjusted.   Don’t function at anything less than your peak. 

How do I know if I have a subluxation?

You can have a subluxation and not even know. Like the early stages of tooth decay or cancer, subluxations can be present before any warning signs appear. The result of a thorough chiropractic examination can show the location and severity of any subluxations you may have.  Since we are constantly bombarded with physical, emotional, and chemical stresses in today’s hectic lifestyle we recommend regular preventative chiropractic care at Peak Performance Chiropractic and our patients thank us for it regularly.  Life is more enjoyable when you are operating at your peak performance.  Preventative chiropractic care is only a few hundred dollars a year, living a healthy, happy life; priceless… 

Can a subluxation clear up on its own?

Today’s hectic life styles are a constant source of subluxations. Fortunately, our bodies have the ability to self-correct many of these problems as we bend and stretch, or when we sleep at night.   That is one of the reasons people who exercise are so much healthier than those who don’t.  However, most subluxations don’t resolve without chiropractic intervention.   Even doctors of chiropractic must rely on other chiropractors for routine preventative chiropractic adjustments.  Today chiropractic care is known to be so safe and beneficial that almost all professional and Olympic athletes seek regular chiropractic care to keep them at their peak performance.

What if chiropractic does not work?

Although it is extremely rare that chiropractic does not help your condition, if we are unable to find and correct the cause of your health problem, we will refer you to other specialists who may be able to help.  We work with numerous medical and paraprofessionals to aid in your care when needed.  The great thing about being a chiropractor is that even in the rare instance that chiropractic care does not correct your problem, you can rest assured the adjustments are aiding in the restoration of function and allowing the body to operate at its Peak Performance.  Your health is our only goal.